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BMTPow Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BMTPow") has been committed to one-stop R&D of intelligent management technology, battery pack design, and battery pack production system for rechargeable battery packs since the establishment of the technical team in 2000.
BMTPow has been focusing on expanding into markets such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Its products range from early applications such as drones, balance cars, electric bicycles, sweepers, warehouse AGVs, electric motorcycles, distributed photovoltaic power generation, water sports equipment, outboard engines, medical exoskeletons, etc., to the current main applications of lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries in various power and energy storage battery pack application fields, including home energy storage and outdoor energy storage.
As a national high-tech and specialized new enterprise, BMTPow has invested in the R&D of lithium-ion battery management systems for more than 19 years. It has accumulated rich experience in various product developments and can provide customers with professional and comprehensive advice in product development to reduce the risks of market application.
In terms of production and manufacturing, BMTPow strictly follows the ISO9001 standard, controls the entire material supply chain and various production processes. It uses self-developed equipment in various production processes, such as incoming material testing, BMS testing, semi-finished product testing, semi-finished product aging testing, finished product testing, etc.  According to different battery pack application scenarios, products are subjected to 100% strict testing in mass production to ensure consistency with R&D design.
BMTPow is also actively involved in ASTM and national safety standard work as the safety of battery pack products is becoming increasingly important. Its products have passed tests such as UL, TUV, EU light vehicle applications, IP67 and above waterproof ratings, etc. It provides customers with a full set of solutions from product design to mass production.

Development History


Become the sole battery supplier for a famous brand who is the biggest seller in Amazon, WAL-MART and Bestbuy in supplying hover boards, electric scooters, solo wheel and other e-mobility products .
First in the industry to have UL2271 & UL2272 approved


The first + exclusive base station battery protection board supplier, and develop industry standards 


In the same year, we produced smart battery for the first overseas uav brand 3DR


ODM 3 million batteries for brand-name laptops


Since 2018,the portablepower station has been designed, produced and sold well in domestic and foreign markets

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